Nothing new on race day

So they say you should never try new equipment or gear on a race day, that you always should test it way before the race in training.

Pessimistic cowards! Always try new equipment on a race, not before it!

When you ride your shiny brand new super aero triathlon bicycle for the first time – you go faster than you naturally are capable of. This is happening because new gear has this effect which some pessimistic people call placebo. I call it “wow new bike I am awesome” effect. The only drawback is that it only works once. Second time – no significant boost. So why waste this effect on training rides?

This effect applies to everything – new swimming goggles won’t get foggy only the first time you wear them, who cares if they don’t fit your face perfectly? You can always adjust them during the swim. A new shiny wetsuit is supposed to be tight! It is not you who is fat and did too much of wishful thinking that you can fit into M size when you were wetsuit shopping last night on a race expo. Running shoes are meant to cause bloody blisters! Severe pain makes you run faster! And what a great idea is to test new nutrition on a race! If you are lucky enough you will get a gel that will cause severe diarrhea that will propel you to the finish line!

Oh, a don’t forget how awesome you will look like in the race photos in that shiny new tri-suit!

Always test new stuff on a race day!





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